Finding Your Jeep’s Factory Equipment Listing with Mopar VIN Lookup

Look up your Jeep’s equipment listing by VIN by visiting the Mopar VIN Lookup website. The VIN number is unique to your vehicle and connected to a database stored deep in a Mopar HQ basement. This database contains all the information about how your Jeep was configured when it left the factory floor.

Enter your VIN number on the home page of the Mopar VIN Lookup website. If the VIN number is correct, the website should pull up a short list of details that resemble your Jeep, or what it might have been before you replaced all the parts with 1 ton axles and a 4.6L Golen crate motor.

In the past, the Mopar site offered an equipment listing, but it seems that they may have put a sign-up form in its place. If you sign up, you can receive a detailed list of your Jeep’s equipment.

The Mopar website also offers a downloadable user manual, in case you lost yours on the trail.