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Government Drupal Sites Scan

This script automatically tests a list of federal website domains to determine if Drupal is being used and identifies the Drupal version. I updated the script to pull data from a relocated file and added a note about a system dependency.

You can access the script at https://github.com/alexb7217/drupal-scan.

The script was forked from https://github.com/mheadd/drupal-scan, which was previously forked from https://github.com/cloud-gov/drupal-scan.

For more information and data, visit the website of Ben Balter, one of the “baddest of the badass innovators,” at https://ben.balter.com/2021-analysis-of-federal-dotgov-domains/technologies/.

This script is designed to scan a list of federal website domains and identify if Drupal is being used, as well as the Drupal version being used. This information could be used to analyze the prevalence of Drupal usage among government websites and potentially identify areas where security updates or other maintenance may be needed. The script could also be used to track changes in Drupal usage over time or to monitor the usage of specific versions of Drupal across federal websites.